The Nook

Once upon a time...

(in Lomita, California)

…a restaurateur, an entrepreneur, a chef, a dreamer, they got together with the idea to evoque the sense of the good old days for The Nook. They curated an eclectic selection of Southern California classic breakfast and lunch dishes for their menu. Their are committed to bringing unprocessed ingredients from kitchen to table, just like in the good old days. They proudly presenting to you this gastronomic experience… may your stomach live happily ever after!

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Homemade Meals

We believe the healthiest food is made from scratch, that’s why we cook every single ingredient in our kitchen, and only choosing the natural ones with no preservatives involved. Yes, that means more work and more people involved in preparing your dishes, but you are worth it! We welcome you to be part of this family and invite you to make “The Nook, Breakfast Spot” an extension of your own home.


The peaches were SOOOO FRESH !!! Bacon cooked to perfection. The view on the patio is everything just the way the sun hits your skin is a great vibe. I personally wasn’t a fan of the waffle but Eric’s amazing customer service got it taken care of promptly.


Update- service is still fantastic. Enjoyed the food. Love eating outside on the pet friendly patio. Way nicer than the other breakfast spot the next block down.


Quick service. Which was surprising, I usually drive by and see a long line outside. So I guess I came on a good day for breakfast. Cool spot, lots of food choices to choose from.

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